Friday, 20 April 2018

Weekly wrap up 4/20/18 -- Klimt, Rome and Evolution poster

For art we have being studying Gustav Klimt.  He lived a rather interesting life.  I am not as familiar with this artist or his work.  We use the Meet the Masters art program as a spine for our lesson

some additional resources we used to examine Klimt's life and art

Looking at the Meet the Masters information

This project was to recreate Klimt's Tree of Life  art work.

Boys completed work
Next project was to try recreate some of Gustav Klimt's other work such as the Kiss

Boys used their own pictures and then added drawing techniques and origami paper to emphasize color.  

completed projects

MarioFan has been working on a research paper for literature class and decided to do one on Pompeii so I can document for two subjects, YAY!  (some may wonder how I am going to do this so I will explain.  I will document all the reading and watching off videos as history but the actual writing and editing as English)
We also watched video on the subject--MarioFan's Thesis statement  --  Did the people of pompeii have enough notice to evacuate prior to the eruption and if so why didn't they?
 For our World History we have moved on to the Roman era and this is just a few books we will be looking over in addition to our text book.

 For Science we are working on Evolution and MarioFan is putting together a poster of Evolution of different things we have studied so far this year, ie big bang, land mass, evolution of life and human evolution.
We decided what we wanted to include on our poster and downloaded pictures

assembled the poster
labeling the poster

finished poster which is now hanging up in our school room 

Currently we are learning about Human evolution and reading lots of books and watching lots of videos on this topic.  I expect it will take us to the end of the year.  Since I went to school there has been so much more found and documented that I am finding I have to do a lot of research to make sure I have the most up to date information.

Lastly a Date Night with my husband
Every year we attend the Blues vs CAPS game and for the last 3 years the CAPS have won!!!!
Hockey is my husband's favorite sport:)

Another successful week for everyone:)